Kristen Bell is ''confident'' she ''chose the right person'' in her husband Dax Shepard.

The 38-year-old actress married the 'Without a Paddle' star in 2013 and has two daughters, five-year-old Lincoln and three-year-old Delta, with him, and has said she knows he's the right man for her because she's still endeared by everything he does, even five years on from their wedding day.

She said: ''[I'm] decidedly confident I chose the right person. He does almost everything in a 'manly' way. He can put a pony tail on our 5-year-old's hair as manly as he can change his break pads in the driveway. Nothing is sexier than him being a good human.

''At first I was attracted to the way he made me feel, and now I'm attracted to the things I learn from him.''

The 'Frozen' actress admits she had ''trust and jealousy issues'' when she first met Dax, 43, but now realises her feelings were a ''waste of time'' because the actor has ''shown nothing but consistent love'' ever since they began dating.

She told People magazine: ''When we first got together I had a lot of trust and jealousy issues. Over the years I have realised what a waste of time these emotions are because he has shown nothing but consistent love, and conducts himself in my absence exactly how he does in my presence. I also think he has gotten funnier over the years!''

Although the couple are stronger than ever in their romance, Kristen previously revealed she finds monogamy tough.

She shared: ''I see the benefits of a society with monogamous relationships, but it's difficult because you're still attracted to other people. Dax was in an open relationship in his 20s and it scared me when we first started dating. We don't have one and I don't know if we ever will.''