Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard feel as ''vulnerable'' as every other couple.

The 37-year-old actress - who has been married to Dax since 2013 - are often referred to as one of Hollywood's power couples, but Kristen has admitted that she and her husband deal with the same stresses and strains as everybody else.

The blonde beauty - who has Lincoln, five, and Delta, three, with Dax - shared: ''We really just get by. We feel, you know, a little vulnerable just as much as everyone else does.''

However, Kristen and Dax have managed to maintain some level of control over their children, with the 'Frozen' star revealing that though they swear in front of their kids, the youngsters know they're not words they can repeat.

Speaking to E! News, she explained: ''We don't limit ourselves as much as we should at home.

''The way we explain it is, 'Look, you're five years old. You can't drive my car. You can't vote. You can't drink alcohol. You can't swear.' So far, they've obliged.''

Meanwhile, Kristen recently credited her husband with helping her to tackle her depression.

The actress has spoken openly in the past about her experience of anxiety and depression, but Kristen admitted she didn't think about being honest about her situation until her husband encouraged her to do so.

She said: ''I'm grateful to my husband for saying, 'No, you should just talk about it.' Like he talks about the fact that he's sober, and that helps people. And I now have not stopped talking about it, mainly because I want people to hear that it's not a big deal and that you can be happy and healthy.''

Kristen also admitted her decision to speak out was partly influenced by a desire be authentic with her fans.

She confessed: ''When I was 18, my mum sat me down and said 'Hey look, I suffered from anxiety and depression, so did your grandma. If you ever feel this, here's what you can do, here are the resources that are available to you.'

''I had taken advantage of that when I started to feel anxiety and depression, but I didn't really talk about it because I was feeling the stigma for many many years, and I had a pit in my stomach for almost feeling ashamed that I had hidden it for so long, because it could've helped people before if I'd talked about it.

''It occurred to me that I was showing this very bubbly, bright persona, and that it was inauthentic because it wasn't telling the whole story.''