Kristen Bell isn't interested in pretending her marriage is ''perfect''.

The Hollywood actress has been married to actor Dax Shepard since 2013 and the couple have two daughters together - Lincoln, four, and Delta, two - but she admits their relationship still suffers the occasional hiccup.

The 37-year-old beauty explained: ''Humans want nothing more than to be accepted, and I'm no different. That doesn't happen by presenting perfection.

''I believe in showing your dirty hands and your bumps and bruises and your faults, because that's what makes people feel connected, and isn't that kind of the purpose of, you know, being on Earth?''

Kristen also admitted she doesn't know how to do ''it all''.

Speaking to Redbook magazine, she confessed: ''Being asked 'How do you do it?' implies that a) I am doing it, which I am not - I am doing what everybody else is doing, which is trying their best, and b) What is a balance, anyway?

''A balance teeter-totters. It moves, something gives and other things take, and other days it might be the opposite.''

Kristen also explained how her approach to life has evolved over recent years.

The actress said she's developed a certain level of ''sympathy'' for people who choose to behave ''jerky''.

She reflected: ''I have gotten to a happy place the last five years or so where I have so much sympathy toward people who are unhappy or jerky. Like, 'Oh, man, we have one ride here - that's how you are going to spend it? What a bummer.'''

Last month, Kristen revealed that she and her husband go to couple's therapy.

The 'Frozen' star said they always try to rationally discuss any issues they're having rather than resort to a full-blown argument.

Kristen explained: ''We go to couple's therapy. We make sure that we're talking with respect to each other.

''When we sit down to have a disagreement it's a disagreement, not an argument.''