The Frozen star and her husband Dax Shepard have become pals with Danson and actress Mary Steenburgen ever since she began working with the former Cheers actor on U.S. TV comedy The Good Place, and they all love playing games together.

"We're very good friends with him (Danson) and Mary and we sometimes rent an RV (recreational vehicle) and go and park in their driveway just to spend some time with them," Kristen says. "That actually happened."

But her new pals weren't thrilled when Kristen signed them all up for an Escape Room game, where contestants are locked in and have to solve a series of clues to get out.

She explains, "It's an interactive game... You take all your friends and you go they lock you in a room and you have a series of clues that you don't know how to begin or how to solve, but you have to work together to solve them... You have an hour to escape the room and they're all themed. It's just really, really fun.

"I had pitched him (Danson) and Mary really hard... but we didn't realise the one we went to, they shut the lights off... They hand us (a) flashlight, shut the lights off and Ted just sits down in a chair in the corner and hands me the flashlight."