Actress Kristen Bell is keen to take her former TV character VERONICA MARS to the big screen despite the fact writers gave the teen detective a sexually transmitted disease.
Bell's cult show was axed last year (07), but now there are rumours all over the internet that Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas is planning to take the character to cinemas.
And the Heroes actress is thrilled by the prospect of reprising the character.
She tells, "I know all of us would be involved... I hope one day he does do it, before we get too old.
"Our writers are so good. I mean I about fell over out of my chair when they gave her (Veronica Mars) Chlamydia. They gave her Chlamydia..!
"I was raped three times and, somehow, it's completely believable within the scope of the show. I mean it is bizarre the way their minds work. And I would never map it out like they did. I have no idea where they'd ever go.
"We shot five minutes of an F.B.I. pilot where Veronica graduates into the F.B.I. and she becomes an agent. And it wasn't picked up... but it was hysterical."