Sexy actress Kristanna Loken has developed such a great fascination with blood, she now enjoys tasting her own whenever the opportunity arises.

The Terminator 3: RISE OF THE MACHINES star, who plays a half-human, half-vampire creature in her latest movie BLOODRAYNE, fears her gruesome obsession is getting out of control.

She tells men's magazine FHM, "I have a fascination with it... Personally, I like the taste of my own blood: I'll taste that any day before that awful fake blood they use in the movies. It has this disgusting, faux-minty taste."

But Loken draws the line at tasting other people's blood - although she does enjoy occasionally biting their flesh.

She adds, "I've been known to give love bites. I wouldn't say they're my go-to move, but love bites are nice."