Kris Jenner's alleged online stalker has been accused of hacking her daughter Kourtney Kardashian.

In 2016, a woman named Christina Elizabeth Bankston was accused of cyberstalking the 62-year-old reality star and hacking her iCloud account two years earlier, where she allegedly sent threatening messages to her, her former spouse Caitlyn Jenner, two unnamed family members and two assistants.

Bankston's public defenders have now filed a motion to have eight of the 15 counts against her dismissed, and according to E! News, the motion includes fresh accusations against Bankson, alleging that also in 2014, she obtained the username, password and security answers for Kris' daughter Kourtney's AOL account and gained access to her emails.

It is unknown at the time of writing if Kourtney, 38, is one of the two unnamed family members from the 2016 filing, or if the accusations are completely new.

Bankston's motion filing comes as her defence says she has the right to be prosecuted where the alleged crimes took place, rather than in California, where the 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' stars live.

The documents state: ''The Constitution and the federal rules of criminal procedure protect [Bankston's] right to be prosecuted in the federal judicial district where the alleged crimes occurred, rather than in a district convenient to the government or its celebrity complaining witnesses.''

The alleged hacker was also accused of hacking Kris' Instagram account and publicly posting disparaging comments about her family under the reality star's name, and posting Kris and relatives' phone numbers.

In 2016, Bankston was indicted for six counts of stalking, four counts of computer hacking, one count of extortion by threat and four counts of aggravated identity theft related to the computer hacking offences.

Bankston is set for a court hearing on February 5.