Kris Jenner ''prays'' for her children.

The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star knows the family are faced with ''challenging'' situations all the time but she keeps things going by staying positive for the sake of her children.

Speaking On Air With Ryan Seacrest, she said: ''First of all, I pray about it. I really do. I find that, you know, just the spiritual side of me has to kick in because otherwise, I feel like I wouldn't survive. I think that my kids make really good decisions. As challenging as some of these situations are, I think that because they have one another and they try to make really good decisions, that they're gonna come out the other side with a lot of clarity and a lot of honesty, and do what they feel like is the right thing. And I really trust all of my kids to make those good decisions.''

And Kris previously insisted she knows the family empire wouldn't be so strong if her offspring weren't so passionate about what they do.

She said: ''I think that what I've learned over the years is how to find that balance and [know] what each one of my kids is capable of. One thing that I couldn't have all the greatest ideas in the world if I didn't have kids with an amazing work ethic and creativity. My job is affected by the fact that they're so engaged everyday. It's really great and so that makes the biggest difference at all.''

And though Kris guides her kids with their businesses, she leaves the creative decisions to them.

She added: ''With Kim [Kardashian West] and Kylie [Jenner] and the beauty brands, I'm really involved on the business side. When they get into their creative mode with the contouring shades and what the next collection of Kylie's lip line is they really have absolute control. Anything I say will probably be overrided. [Kylie will] say 'Mom you don't understand green lipstick' and I'll be like 'No I don't.' I think that instinctually they've always landed on their feet so they know what they're doing and I try to stay out of that.''