Kris Jenner is proud of how ''strong'' Khloe Kardashian is being in the face of her marital problems.

The showbiz matriarch has opened up about her daughter's rocky marriage to basketball player Lamar Odom, who has been accused of crack cocaine addiction and cheating with a string of women, praising Khloe for being so ''resilient'' and ''very strong'' at this difficult time.

Kris told E! News: ''She's very sensitive and she loves really hard and she feels with all of her soul, but she also has the ability to put that game face on and go out there in the world and do what she needs to do.''

Meanwhile, it appears things between Khloe, 29, and Lamar, 33, could be over for good after a ''nuclear'' confrontation took place at their marital home in Tarzana, California on Tuesday (01.10.13).

Lamar - who has been living elsewhere since Khloe kicked him out in August - returned for an in-depth chat about the state of their relationship, which allegedly escalated into a full blown fight.

According to TMZ, Khloe was furious when Lamar insisted he could cope without going to rehab, and allegedly found a secret stash of his drugs at some point during the meeting.

Khloe is said to have branded him a ''liar'', telling him, ''I'm done with you'', as she kicked him out of the house.