Kris Jenner has been ''humiliated'' by Bruce Jenner's gender transition.

The 59-year-old television personality's sister Karen Houghton has claimed the star has been left ''embarrassed'' by her ex-husband's decision to become a woman.

She told ''As with anyone, it has embarrassed my sister. It's been humiliating for her. What do you think?

''I told Kendall and Kylie, 'I love your dad, I will always love him. I don't care what he is or does.' I know this is hard on them.''

Meanwhile, a source recently claimed the news of Bruce's gender transition was a ''tough pill to swallow'' for the 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star.

The insider shared: ''(She) just couldn't emotionally handle it all when he finally came out with it. Regardless of whatever signs there were, it's a really hard pill to swallow. She truly went through a mourning period. And they really don't talk now.

''Bruce feels like Kris is used to getting her own way, and going ahead with his transition was not probably part of her plans.''

When it came to the rest of the family, it is believed Bruce revealed the news to his older daughters - Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian - when he took them out a lunch and the three sisters were very supportive of their father's decision.