Kris Jenner has bought her granddaughter Stormi a playhouse for Christmas.

The 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' star was reduced to tears as she revealed to her daughter Kylie Jenner that she'd had the Wendy house built in her back garden for the 23-month-old toddler as a gift for the festive season.

Speaking in her vlog, Kylie said: ''Earlier today my mom surprised Stormi with the best Christmas gift of all time and I filmed it so I'm about to play it for you guys.''

In the clip, the 22-year-old reality TV star asked her mother: ''Why are you crying?''

Kris, 64, replied: ''It just makes me emotional. You want to see my surprise?''

As Kylie panned to her back garden, she said: ''You surprised me... with a house?''

Kris replied: ''It's for Stormi.''

As she walked towards the playhouse hand-in-hand with Kris, Kylie explained: ''I used to have a house like this when I was Stormi's age.''

The matriarch explained that she had contacted the lady who bought their old house in Calabasas, California, and asked if she could buy her all new wooden furniture for the playhouse in exchange for the accessories already there.

Kris said: ''I called the lady at the old house and I bought her all new furniture and she gave me all of this. This just reminds me of when you were a little girl.''

Kylie added: ''This is the cutest thing of all time.''

Kris replied: ''I want you to have the same memories with your daughter.''

The pair then decided to show Stormi her new playhouse.

Kylie said: ''Stormi, this was all my furniture when I was a baby.''

Kris added: ''This was the bed your mommy used to put her babies in...look at the little mirror. You can do your makeup here... we have to get you some Lip Kits.''