Kris Jenner ''adores'' Kanye West.

Despite reports of a rift between the 'Black Skinhead' rapper and Kardashian matriarch - the mother and manager of his girlfriend Kim Kardashian - Kris insists she has a great relationship with Kanye and he is a wonderful dad to his and Kim's daughter North.

She told People magazine: ''We adore him. He is always around. He's not on the show ['Keeping Up with the Kardashians'] as much just because he has a full time job but he's an amazing dad. He's spectacular.''

Kris is also grandmother to her daughter Kourtney's children -Mason, three and 12-month-old Penelope - and she is proud of her expanding family.

She said: ''I think it's amazing that they're in love, have healthy babies and are happy. That's all a mum can ask for these days.''

Kim, 32, welcomed baby North last month and despite criticism about their chosen birth name for their daughter, Kris insists both Kim and Kanye were in agreement over the name.

She said: ''I think it was a joint decision. They did it together ... I stayed out of that one.''