Kim is currently staying at her mum's house in Hidden Hills along with her daughter North and newborn son Saint while renovations take place at the home she owns with husband Kanye West.

The reality star was reportedly at the house with her baby son when a man walked in and made his way to Kris' office where he confronted the family matriarch, who dialled 911, according to

Editors of the website report sheriff's deputies swooped on the property and arrested the male intruder, who has not been named, and he was reportedly taken to a hospital for psychiatric evaluation.

Kris previously admitted she feared she was being watched by an obsessed fan during an episode of her family's reality TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, which aired earlier this year (15).

She insisted she had seen an intruder in her garden, and feared she may have a "stalker", adding, "I know it sounds paranoid but... it's terrifying."