Kourtney Kardashian is finding it hard to wear high heels.

The reality TV star - who is expecting her first child at Christmas - says her bump is growing so big she is getting uncomfortable when she puts on her beloved stilettos .

Speaking at an event over the weekend, she said: "I vowed that I was going to wear flats, and then last second, I threw on some heels. I can't wait to sit down already. It's hard carrying extra weight."

Kourtney also admitted she is terrified of gaining too much weight during her pregnancy and regularly weighs herself in a bid to keep it under control.

She said: "I gained three pounds since yesterday. I weigh myself every day. She far I've put on 26 pounds."

It was recently revealed Kourtney's sisters are planning to throw her a "sleek, chic and elegant" baby shower.

She will be guest of honour at the party on November 14, and her siblings Kim and Khloe have been pulling out all the stops to make sure it will be a memorable evening.