Kourtney Kardashian wants to go to rehab to cure her sugar cravings.

The socialite - who is expecting her first baby with Scott Disick - can't stop eating sweet treats from Hollywood store Famous Cupcakes and doesn't even mind the effect they have on her waistline.

She wrote on her Twitter page: "Honestly it's worth the LBs. Those famous cupcakes are sooooo addicting. I need rehab! LOL Immm obsessed! (sic)"

Khloe, 30, later admitted she is even craving the cakes for breakfast, but has also had some other bizarre culinary urges.

She added: "My most intense craving was a waffle with butter and syrup. weirdest maybe a relish and mayo sandwich, but only once thank god!"

Kourtney has previously admitted the pregnancy has changed her personality, revealing she can't help picking on Scott.

She said: "I throw b***h fits. The other day, I was like, 'This house is such a mess! Now that Scott's living in my house, there's stuff everywhere! We need to get it organised!' Everything I had to do, I blamed it on Scott."

Kourtney is due to give birth in December, and does not yet know the sex of the baby.

She initially wasn't sure if she wanted to be told the gender, but is now looking forward to finding out.

The star said: "I'm starting to get presents from people, and really, how many yellow outfits do I need?"