Kourtney Kardashian's baby son is "a great little traveller".

The reality TV star - who has six-month-old Mason with her partner Scott Disick - admits the tot is well-prepared for any adventure, and has already joined her in a number of US cities.

She said: "My son is such a great little traveller already. He even has his own passport so he's prepared for any trip that may arise. At just six months, Mason has been to Miami, Chicago, Charlotte, North Carolina, Indianapolis, Ind., and Las Vegas. This summer we are going to New York - and maybe even Monaco!"

Although she loves taking the Mason with her, Kourtney was initially worried about how he would behave in airplanes.

She told People.com: "At first, I was scared to travel with him. I'm sure every parent goes through it. You don't know how your baby will be - what if he gets sick or his ears hurt from the pressure in the cabin? One travel tip I got from my doctor: He told me to nurse Mason during takeoff and landing. He also recommended I put some breast milk in Mason's nose because it has antibodies that can help him from catching a cold on the flight."