Kourtney Kardashian has claimed her ex Scott Disick behaved ''aggressively'' as he struggled to come to terms with her finding love again.

The 38-year-old reality star - who has been dating 24-year-old model Younes Bendjima for a year - revealed Scott once called her in the middle of the night after they split.

In the latest episode of 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians', Kourtney told her family: ''So yeah, I went to Scott's house because he called me and was really out of it. He was just very aggressive. And then I was like, 'I'm leaving!' And then I just started crying and I was like, 'I do not need to even be here.' And then I was like, 'Just sit down!' Literally, you have talk to him like crazy, otherwise he won't listen. So I'm like, 'Sit down across the room from me. What the f**k is wrong with you? When is it going to be enough? I have three kids to take care of.'

''He was just being a beast and I was like I am getting out of here and I just left.''

Kourtney revealed the confrontation was prompted by her telling Scott - who she has kids Mason, eight, Penelope, five, and Reign, three, with - that she and Younes were in a serious relationship.

Kourtney explained: ''Last night, Scott called me at like 2am, he never calls me late at night ever. He was just ranting like, 'What are we doing in life? What am I doing What are you doing?'

''I will go, 'But what are you doing?' or then he will say, ''But what are you doing? Is it any better?'

''By the end of the conversation I was just like, 'I have a boyfriend and he is 24-years-old, it's not the craziest thing that has ever happened in the world.'

''And he was like, 'He is your boyfriend?' and then he hung up the phone.''

Kourtney agreed with her sisters Kim and Khloe that Scott was just acting that way to get her attention.

Khloe told her: ''Cut. The. Cord.''

Kourtney said: ''It is not fair, it comes off as me telling him that I am in a relationship. It seems that when I am happy and in a good place in my life then Scott does something to get my attention. I want to be supportive but I think it is time to set new boundaries with Scott.''

Kourtney later revealed that Scott had asked for his watches, credit cards and passport back from her.

She said: ''I am happy he is doing somewhat better.''