Kourtney Kardashian works out at home with her kids.

The two-time mother - who has three-year-old son Mason and seven-month-old daughter Penelope with her boyfriend Scott Disick - has vowed to focus more on her parenting skills than on losing her excess baby weight this time around and plans to avoid ''mom guilt'' by exercising in her own home.

She admitted: ''This time, the focus is early on being a mom and being present, knowing my priorities. The trainer comes over at seven in the morning when my kids are still asleep so I don't have any mom guilt.

''Sometimes I think, 'Why should I work out when I can spend time with my kids?' I feel guilty doing something for me. So working out at home is really nice. And when I don't do that, I go for a jog or do morning yoga. Sometimes when I'm playing on the floor with Penelope, I'll do a few sit-ups.''

The 33-year-old beauty also likes to treat herself to sugarless snacks and encourages her young children to eat gluten-free food so she can stick to her diet.

Kourtney told UsMagazine.com: ''Lately I've been obsessed with these little gluten-free animal crackers that I give Mason. They're called KinniKritters. Mason and I bake a lot too, but we make healthy things, like gluten-free cupcakes. I love to eat the dough!''

While the stunning brunette already appears to have toned up her enviable figure, she worries she hasn't lost enough weight and is slowly learning to be less critical of her body.

She added: ''I definitely had some moments when the weight was at a standstill. It was frustrating and I'd start to wonder, 'Am I ever going to get my body back?' Then I'd be like, 'OK, you just had two kids. Take it easy.' ''