Kourtney Kardashian has confirmed her son is "fine" after being rushed to hospital on Friday (19.11.10).

The 31-year-old socialite has revealed 11-month-old Mason - her first child with boyfriend Scott Disick - is doing well after suffering from an allergic reaction to peanut butter.

She said: "Mason is doing fine. Friday night Mason ate some peanut butter and had a little allergic reaction to it. He threw up within minutes of tasting it and got hives on his face. I called 911 and the fire department came immediately."

However, the 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star admitted the playful tot enjoyed the excitement of his trip to the hospital.

Kourtney added on her blog: "They suggested that we take him to the hospital, so we did. He was in good spirits the whole time and didn't even know anything was wrong. He even enjoyed riding in the ambulance. He's such a good boy!

"I learned such a lesson with this - to always follow my instincts and call 911. Always better safe than sorry."

The brunette beauty recently confessed she is concerned taking Mason with her on various work assignments may be disrupting his routine.

She said: "I bring Mason with me everywhere that I can as long as it's safe. I struggle with the thought of whether I should be leaving him at home to have a regular set schedule and nap even if that means not being with me. I think whatever works for each individual situation is best."