Former Korn rocker BRIAN 'HEAD' WELCH is refusing to let his 212 adopted Indian children listen to the hardcore music he used to make with his former band.

Welch, who quit the band at the start of the year (05), after becoming a born-again Christian, adopted the children in June (05), after setting up a non-profit organisation called the Head Home in Baligeria, eastern India.

He tells Blender magazine, "I wanted to do something with my money other than buy BMWs. I've been selfish my whole life and I want to give something back."

He adds, "They know that I am a famous rock star, but I ain't gonna bring out the Korn CDs and go, 'Check this out!'"

The youngsters, who range in age from three to 16, will learn about God in a chapel on their new property, which includes gardens, a petting zoo, classrooms and dormitories.

Before his mass adoption, Welch was father only to seven-year-old JENNEA.