Korn frontman Jonathan Davis has blasted former guitarist BRIAN 'HEAD' WELCH for being a hypocrite, insisting the reasons he claims he left the band are ridiculous. Welch resigned from the band via email, after declaring himself a born again Christian and morally objecting to the band's music and videos. His abrupt departure still makes Davis angry and he doesn't believe Welch is being honest about the real reasons he left. Davis explains, "The way he left and everything, the way he shut everybody out and wouldn't talk to anybody - I haven't talked to him yet. "He's saying a lot of things about what he's doing it for that are not true and saying a lot of hypocritical (stuff)." Although Welch's departure left the band shaken, Davis still has some lingering good will for his former bandmate saying, "I just wish him the best. "There's still a part of me inside that loves him."