Former Korn star TERRY BOZZIO quit the group because his bandmates refused to make him a full-time member. The drummer quit earlier this year (07) after failing to convince founders Jonathan Davis and James 'Munky' Shaffer to take him on as a bona-fide bandmate. Shaffer reveals, "There were certain demands that he made. We weren't ready to meet those demands. We just brought him in to write. "It's like some chick that you hang out with and all of a sudden they want to move in. What do you say to that? 'You were supposed to stay for the weekend, but you moved in all your (stuff).' It was kind of like that. "He was a great guy and a phenomenal drummer but the demands that he made were offensive. He wanted to be a member of the band, and that included ownership. "We were like, 'What, you want to have 25 per cent of everything?' We can't just sign away the right to music on a whim." Bozzio quit the heavy rockers in April (07), after he replaced David Silveria in December (06).