Former Korn star BRIAN 'HEAD' WELCH has every intention of making peace with his ex-bandmates - but insists the time still isn't right for a meeting. The heavy rock star turned his back on the group when he decided to become a born-again Christian in 2005. Welch has yet to sit down with Korn frontman Jonathan Davis and his former bandmates to discuss his departure, but hopes that one day he'll find a way to arrange a meeting to explain his actions. He says, "I have no plans to meet with them. I'd just like to see them one day, but the time's not right. "I haven't seen them in a couple of years. The last time I spoke with them there was a little bit of weirdness and I apologised." Welch insists he's keen to clear up confusion about comments he has made about his life on the road with Korn and about the band themselves: "I did and said some stupid stuff... but the bitterness is gone on my end."