Korn guitarist Brian Welch is throwing his support behind a new faith-based documentary by joining Christian band Jake Hamilton & The Sound to perform at the film's premiere on Saturday (06Sep14).

Holy Ghost documents perspectives from religious figures and celebrities from around the world and Welch is featured heavily in the film as it chronicles a Korn concert.

He is hoping to use his star power to draw attention to the movie and shine a more positive light on the Christian faith, according to Variety.com.

He says, "Christians unfortunately have been given a bad rap. I'm excited for real people to be able to talk about faith and not scare people away from it. It's all about love and meeting God and having our eyes opened."

Welch has previously credited his faith with helping him kick his drug and alcohol habit in 2005.

Holy Ghost will premiere online on Saturday and the concert will take place at the Redding Civic Auditorium in Redding, California.