Former Korn star BRIAN 'HEAD' WELCH's journey from drunken, coked-out rock star to born-again Christian began after he lashed out at his wife in a bloody fight. The guitarist, who quit the band in 2005 to follow his religious calling, recalls the scrap, which took place after Korn's Woodstock '99 festival performance, while his daughter slept in a nearby room. Welch and wife Rebekah fought the entire drug-fuelled weekend of the festival after leaving their daughter Jennea with the rocker's parents. The couple returned home drunk, put their child to bed and then continued arguing - and that's when things went too far. In a new memoir, Save Me From Myself, Welch recalls, "The argument quickly escalated into screaming. Rebekah got right into my face and wouldn't stop yelling. "I lost control and punched her in the face. Blood started pouring out of her nose, down her face and neck. "After seeing all the blood, I told her I was so sorry and that I wasn't gonna fight with her anymore. But she ended up beating me up for a while. I just lay on the floor with my face in the carpet taking punches from her." Rebekah finally passed out beside her husband, who sat "shaking and crying," convinced his marriage was over. Months later it was, when Welch hit the road with Korn and his wife developed a terrible drug abuse problem, which resulted in her mother begging the rocker to get sober and take care of his daughter. Taking his daughter on tour helped Welch get perspective on his life: "All I focused on was making sure my baby was OK."