The Colorado judge in basketball ace Kobe Bryant's upcoming rape case has banned all cameras from the courtroom for most of the trial.

Eagle County Judge TERRY RUCKRIEGLE has outlawed photography and broadcasting during witness testimonies, in the interest of Bryant, 26, receiving a fair trial.

Ruckriegle is also concerned how media coverage will portray "graphic and intimate details of the participants' genitalia, sexual conduct, intimate personal relationships and private emotions".

In a 19-point ruling, the judge has only granted courtroom access to print cameras during opening arguments, and still and video cameras during closing arguments.

The decision is likely to ensure the LOS ANGELES LAKERS star's case will not turn into a media circus.

Bryant has pleaded not guilty to raping a then 19-year-old woman in his Colorado hotel room on 30 June last year (03).

The jury selection process is due to start on Friday (27AUG04). Ruckriegle has also banned any coverage of this.

25/08/2004 09:01