Late German actor Klaus Kinski has been sensationally accused of sexually assaulting his own daughter for 14 years, starting when she was just five years old.

Kinski's actress daughter Pola has spoken out 22 years after the Doctor Zhivago star's death in a headline-grabbing new interview with German magazine Stern, in which she alleges she was repeatedly raped by her father, who would hide his guilt by lavishing her with expensive gifts.

Pola, now 60, tells the publication, "He ignored everything, including that I tried to defend myself and said 'I don't want to'. He didn't care. He just took what he wanted.

"(He turned me into) his little sex object, bedded on a silk cushion."

Kinski was known for his raging outbursts on the set of director Werner Herzog's films, such as Woyzeck in 1978 and Nosferatu the Vampyre in 1979, and he also portrayed a violent evil killer in 1987 sci-fi movie Timestalkers - a temperament Pola Kinski claims she had become used to in real life.

She says, "When I saw him in films, I always thought that he was exactly like that at home. He really abused everyone."

Pola opens up about her child abuse hell in her upcoming autobiography Kindermund, and insists she finally decided to reveal the real truth about her dad because she couldn't stand his fans' adoration.

She adds, "I couldn't take it anymore: 'Your father! Great! Genius! I always liked him!' The idolisation has got worse and worse since he died."