Kitsune And Aiaiai Launch Limited Edition Headphones

Kitsune And Aiaiai Launch Limited Edition Headphones

The Copenhagen-based headphone company AIAIAI has teamed up with the Parisian record label-slash-house of fashion style, Kitsune, for a collabora- tion that sees the award-winning Tracks headphones undergo a colorful makeo- ver, which owes a significant debt to celebrate the French flag.

The partnership of AIAIAI with Kitsune was somewhat inevitable. Although AIAIAI and Kitsune come from very dif- ferent parts of Europe, they have shared a longstanding appreciation of one an- other, the same passion for music, and a mutual affinity with the clean lines.

Maybe it's a case of opposites attract? Understated Scandinavian rationality meeting, French "Joie de vivre" - and living happily ever after? In any case, there's plenty of common ground as both AIAIAI and Kitsune are passionate- ly invested in sound and design.

AIAIAI x Kitsune Tracks headphone model is an on-ear headphone, part of the "Kitsune Tee" Fall/ Winter 2013-14 line. The design is subtle with a clear focus on organic lines and an overall iconic shape. The simple brace design fits everyone and ensures comfortable and secure fit.

It is proposed in blue/white/red - signature colors of Kitsune, accompanied by a code to download one of the three latest released Kitsune's compila- tions: "Kitsune AMERICA 2", "Kitsune Parisien 3" and "Kitsune Maison Compilation 14".

AIAIAI x Kitsune Tracks headphones will be available from August 9th, 2013, in both AIAIAI and Kitsune stores and webstores.

- All white flexible stainless steel headband with removable blue leather padding?- Special edition AIAIAI x Kitsune box featuring Kitsune's faces