Kit Harington was ''actually a very nice guy'' to the staff who asked him to leave their bar last week.

The 'Game of Thrones' star was asked to leave Barfly in New York City on Friday (05.01.18) after it was shown on video that he had become drunk and uncontrollable, with reports claiming he had banged on the pool table, grabbed at cues and got in people's faces.

However, staff at the bar have now revealed the ''disagreement'' shown in the video footage was merely over a game of pool that Kit didn't understand the rules of.

Owners Aldo Parisi and Krystyn Shari said: ''Kit Harington walked into Barfly Friday evening already intoxicated. He was over-served somewhere else, not at our establishment. He was at Barfly for maybe 30 minutes total. Harington bought one Jameson for himself, a drink for his friend and a round of drinks for all of the other customers at the bar.

''The disagreement seen on the video ... was over a pool game that Harington interrupted. A customer was letting him take his shot for him but he didn't understand the rules of the game. The game being played is called 'Killer' where each person takes one shot, but Harington tried to continue shooting. That was the extent of the disagreement.''

It was also previously claimed that whilst Kit, 31, had left the bar willingly at first, he had later returned and had to be dragged out, but Aldo and Krystyn have revealed that wasn't the case, as they claim the star merely returned to pay his bill.

They added: ''When our staff realised how intoxicated Harington was they politely asked him to leave and two of our staff members helped him out. He came back later that night to pay his check and left a one hundred percent tip - $70 on a $70 check! The bartenders that served him both said he was actually a very nice guy.''

The bar owners also admitted they are ''not happy'' with the fact that one of their patrons recorded Kit's time in the bar, as they feel it is an invasion of his privacy, and they hope he will come back to their establishment soon.

Speaking to 'Entertainment Tonight', they said: ''We at Barfly are not happy that a customer took videos of Harington inside our bar. Our customers deserve their privacy no matter who they are, we've had plenty of famous people in here in the past and nothing like that has happened to them ... Barfly wants Harington to know he is welcome back anytime!''