Kit Harington is using his 'Game of Thrones' statue as a scarecrow.

The 32-year-old actor has previously admitted to swiping his stone replica as a souvenir when filming ended on the eighth and final season of the show and he's now revealed he's installing it in his garden to protect his crops and scare away the birds.

He joked: ''It looks just like me.

''That's going to go in the vegetable patch and it's just going to say 'Game of Thrones' lines. I'm going to attach a little speaker to it....'Winter is coming!' ''

The British actor and his wife Rose Leslie have moved out of London into the countryside and Kit has got ''really into growing vegetables'', with his crops including squash, carrots, tomatoes, onions, beans, four different types of potatoes and asparagus.

And the 'Pompeii' actor feels ''very lucky'' to be able to ''live off'' his produce.

Asked by 'Live With Kelly and Ryan' host Kelly Ripa if he lives in biblical garden Eden, Kit said: ''I do sometimes feel like that, I feel very lucky...we wanted to get to a place where we could literally live off what we were growing, and now we can do that.''

Kit previously admitted he was the only member of the cast to keep his statue and revealed at the time he planned to use it in his garden in some way.

He said in January: ''See I kept that statue, you know the one in the crypt. I kept it, they sent it to my house, I've got it in my shed - how sad is that! I was the only one who kept my statue, that's how narcissistic I am! I'm going to turn it into a water feature or something.''