Kit Harington played ''the most first-world'' prank on Rose Leslie.

The 'Game of Thrones' star admitted he played a practical joke on his wife Rose - who has also appeared in the HBO fantasy epic - for April Fool's Day (01.04.19), but he admitted the stunt backfired in a costly way.

Appearing on 'Late Night with Seth Meyers', he said: ''I'm aware this is the most first-world April Fools. She has a favourite almond milk, and I wrote an article that this company who made her favorite almond milk was going under thanks to Brexit.

''So she went to my PA and ordered this almond milk in bulk, on my credit card.''

Now that filming for 'Game of Thrones' has wrapped, Kit - who will return as Jon Snow for the eighth and final season of the show - has finally shaved off his facial hair for the first time in years.

He added: ''['Saturday Night Live' was] the first reason I've had to shave in a long time, and I feel like a tired child.''

The loved up couple met on the set of the show when Rose was part of the cast as Ygritte, and they have enjoyed the special connection they have to the programme.

Kit recently said: ''I said to Rose the other night, I was like, 'We've been tethered by this show, a long time we've loved it.' And now we get to enjoy the final hurrah.''

While the final episodes of the show haven't yet aired, he already feels like it's in the past because he and his castmates said ''goodbye'' to that chapter in their lives once filming ended.

He admitted: ''It, in some ways, has ended for us. When we finished filming, we said goodbye to it, so this sort of feels like an added bonus that we get to watch it and celebrate it now.''