Kit Harington thinks the 'Game of Thrones' ending will ''divide opinion''.

The 32-year-old actor - who plays King in the North Jon Snow - believes the finale will be ''strong'' but he knows the show has always sparked mixed reactions so isn't expecting anything else when it draws to a close for good.

He said: ''I think it will be strong. But you don't want to mess it up on the very last outing.

''I haven't watched a single series that has a following like Thrones does where everyone is satisfied with the ending. I don't think that it'll be any different with this. I think it will divide opinion.''

Now the HBO fantasy drama series has wrapped filming, Kit is looking forward to showing off a lighter side and thinks it will surprise fans to see he can be ''funny''.

He told Emmy magazine: ''I have played possibly the unfunniest character ever to have graced television.

''I love comedy. But Jon Snow is not a joke person. It's quite nice to now subvert what people see you as, and show that you can be funny.

''In some ways comedy works even better if you're the overly serious guy in a ridiculous comedy; then it can be even funnier.''

The British actor - who is married to former co-star Rose Leslie - admitted he was ''worried'' and ''anxious'' when he first found fame with the show.

He said: ''I was enjoying it, but I was concerned, and I was worried, anxious.

''On a personal level as it went on, I stopped letting it have such an impact on me. Yes, I was in this big TV show and I was playing this character... but that's not my life.''

And though he eventually grew more comfortable, Kit found the level of scrutiny he was under after Jon was killed off in the season 5 finale extremely ''unpleasant''.

He said: ''It was probably one of the darkest periods I have been through in my life.

''I think it must have had something to do with being a walking cliffhanger: I didn't enjoy it. You want to be a lead, and then you get all the spotlight of the biggest show in the world onto you for a few months. It's very disorientating, and weird, and unpleasant in many ways. That's kind of where I went, 'I need to separate me from the show a bit.' ''