Kit Harington fell asleep in a busy nightclub.

The 'Game of Thrones' actor was seen partying with five friends at New York City club Boom Boom Room, but it seems the fun got too much for him as he nodded off at around 12.30am.

An onlooker told the New York Post newspaper's Page Six column: ''Kit fell asleep at the club. His head was rolled back on the banquet while his friends continued chatting. He slept through songs blaring by ABBA and Prince.''

However, the source insisted the 30-year-old hunk - who is in a relationship with actress Rose Leslie - wasn't suffering the effects of too much alcohol.

They added: ''He wasn't passed out from alcohol. He just seemed sleepy.''

Kit recently admitted he is looking forward to taking a break from the spotlight when 'Game of Thrones' - in which he plays Jon Snow - ends next year.

He said: '''Thrones' nicely bookended my twenties, but I'm 30 now. Maybe I can reinvent myself and get away from an image that's so synonymous with 'Thrones'. But maybe this was the role I was always meant to play and that was it ...

''I don't really aim to get into that next big Oscar film. That's not really my route ... I'll enjoy the madness quieting a bit. I'd like a few years of relative obscurity.''

However, when Kit does return to the acting industry, he isn't aiming for a role in a Marvel movie or similar as he thinks he would ''just be setting himself up for one hell of a fall'' if he did.

He added: ''If I try and compete with 'Thrones', if I'm like, 'I need a Marvel movie, or the next big show on Amazon, or another one on HBO,' then I'm just setting myself up for one hell of a fall.''