Kit Harington says fame has made him ''socially confident''.

The 'Game of Thrones' star's meteorological rise to fame has made him ''very sure of himself'' but he admits it has become too much sometimes.

He told The Times newspaper: ''I'm very sure of myself now. I'm socially confident - I never used to be. ...

''The negative of that is that I can be too socially confident. I can think I am the only thing in the room. I need to pare that back. That is the tendency as an actor, especially when you have some success - you end up maybe going a little too 'me, me, me.'''

Meanwhile, Kit previously admitted he has ''struggled'' with being in the public eye.

He explained: ''I think it was - I take it season by season-- [the show] really took off in season 2 or 3, and it was so exciting, this show really getting this massive amount of global attention towards it. I struggled with that around season 5. I suddenly found it quite hard, its not stopping. The initial excitement of it wore off. I deal with a lot better now. I think I deal with it better because I can see the end ...

''I have to be honest with myself: I don't know the next time I'll ever be involved in something like this. I've taken for granted the idea that I can go to the SAG Awards and the Emmys and the Golden Globes each year. When is the next time you will enter this hallowed rooms? And that's amazing, that I get to take that for granted. The enjoyment of it, the desperate trying to enjoy it while it's here, is helping with the inevitable slight pressure of it.''