A world record attempt to carry out the biggest Kiss will get underway during Glastonbury Festival.

Upon the conclusion of the set from 80s band Madness, the Lost Vagueness stage will come to a halt and lead singer Suggs will instruct the expected 30,000 revellers to kiss the person next to them.

The current record is 6,400 couples, so by getting all 30,000 people anticpated at the venue to take part, the organisers hope to set a new benchmark.

Jason Stockwood, from sponsors Match.com, said: "We're expecting to trounce the current world record of 6,400 couples, which was set in Hungary this year, by getting all 30,000 people to kiss the person next to them.

"It's a big feat but we're expecting festival goers to be high on the weekend's proceedings and up for showing their love for life by kissing the person next to them."

Lost Vagueness, which is the only part of Glastonbury open 24 hours, is perfect for hosting the challenge according to its founder.

Roy Gurvitz said: "It is so perfect for Midsummers morning to share a little bit of happiness and love with the person next to you, all the while setting a record that will be recognised in the future. Its going to be an amazing sight."

The event will occur at 01:30 BST in the early hours of Monday morning to finish off the festival with a bit of love-in.

13/06/2007 17:46:27