Kiss frontman Paul Stanley has paid tribute to late guitarist MARK ST. JOHN, insisting the rocker was "a gentleman". St. John died on 5 April (07) from an apparent brain haemorrhage. He was 51. Stanley says he was particularly impressed by the gracious way the guitarist agreed to step aside and allow Bruce Kulick to replace him in the group after discovering he had a disabling rheumatic condition. The singer says, "Mark tried his best to become the guitar player that Kiss and our fans needed, so that we could continue moving forward. "I enjoyed and am proud of our work together on (album) Animalize, and know how much he wanted to take that leap to the stage to play with us live. "He was gracious in his acceptance that it wouldn't happen and was supportive of Bruce. (He was) a gentleman when it was clear that his ailment would end his time with us."