Kiss rocker Gene Simmons has sent an emotional message to Canadian soldiers fighting in the Middle East - urging the public to respect the bravery of the troops.
The star was in Alberta, Canada last week (ends25Jul08) to launch the Rexall Edmonton Indy car race and after a press conference for the event, he took a moment to send his best wishes to all members of the Canadian army who are currently fighting in Afghanistan.
Simmons delivered an emotional speech and was seen wiping away a tear in a recorded message, which will be played back to the regiments serving abroad.
He says, "Hi guys, it's Gene Simmons. We know you're in Afghanistan, we know it's a tough one, I just want you to know from my heart we love you.
"I like the fact that there's a bit of civility when the Canadian flag goes up and your national anthem is sung, everybody quietens down a bit. You don't have to salute, no one's forcing you to do anything, but just for a few minutes you shut your mouth and give it the respect it demands. I think that's part of our lives that's been tossed aside. Culture has become cynical and we don't even respect what we should."