Kiss hellraiser Gene Simmons is to be sued by a former girlfriend for his alleged portrayal of her as a sex-addicted nymphomaniac in a US documentary.

The 56-year-old Rock School teacher has been slammed by GEORGEANN WALSH WARD for her promiscuous depiction on the VH1 show, which charted 30 years of the band's notoriously frantic lifestyle.

WHEN KISS RULED THE WORLD, which aired during July and August (05), featured Simmons' quote, ""I was a 24-hour whore. All I ever thought about was sex," alongside a picture of Ward.

Lawyers say the technique intimated she was "wild" and "unchaste".

Her likeness was used another 10 times during the show without permission.

Ward's defamation suit has been approved by New York State Supreme Court Justice ROSALYN RICHTER, who maintained that despite living in a more sexually liberated society, US law still classifies calling a woman unchaste as slander.