Kiss star Gene Simmons enjoyed a blast from the past last week (beg04Feb08) when he turned TV reporter for a U.S. show, and interviewed his ex-girlfriend Cher. The rocker became a special correspondent for news show Extra when producers wanted an interesting twist to a Cher interview. The two old friends chatted about Cher's upcoming Las Vegas residency, her beauty tips and political leanings, but the interview quickly turned saucy. When Simmons asked her about her love life, Cher revealed, she dated three men at the same time "not so long ago," explaining how she juggled them all. She smiled, "One, one day. One, one day, and one, one day... (It was the) second time I ever did it my entire life." Cher also came clean about her drug use, telling the Kiss star, "I smoked pot, like, five times in the `70s because I wanted to be cool, but it made me sick so I didn't do it (again)." And she insisted she was never tempted to try harder drugs: "It scared me. I never saw drugs do anything good for anyone. I just saw drugs bring everyone down."