Kiss rocker Gene Simmons is getting animated thanks to a new cartoon show he has created.

The blood-spitting star is the executive producer of new NICKELODEON series MY DAD THE ROCKS STAR.

Simmons says the idea for the project came from a conversation about career day at his son NICK's school.

He says, "You had people coming in with scissors, you know: `My mom's a hairstylist;' or a toothbrush: `My dad's a dentist.' And my son came in with a poster of me spewing blood and spitting fire."

The show surrounds the adventures of 12-year-old WILLY ZILLA, who has just started living a `normal' life after spending years on the road with his dad, rocker ROCK ZILLA, voiced by Simmons.

The rocker also uses the show to poke fun at hippies - because the matriarch on the show is a new era mom.

He says, "Ofcourse nobody knows what the hell she's talking about."

And a few real events in Simmons' family life make it into the script of the show.

He adds, "I tossed some story ideas around, and one was that somebody tried to break into my home and steal some of the gold records, and I did notice that that wound up in one of the stories."

26/03/2005 01:28