Kiss star Gene Simmons has refused to enter into a war of words with Sharon Osbourne after the rock matriarch called him "a silly man in a silly wig," insisting he loves Ozzy's bride. Osbourne made her disparaging public remark about Simmons during her husband's recent Australian tour. She said, "Gene's a prat. He's just a silly man in a silly wig." But Simmons hasn't taken offence because, for him, Sharon's charm lies in her outspoken nature. He tells British magazine Classic Rock, "Sharon is terrific. She's great. I've known Sharon and Ozzy for 30 or more years, and some of it… well, you know Sharon. Some of it is bluster. Because it makes great copy. "Ozzy was touring at the same time as Kiss. He was playing the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne, and the night before or the night after we played outdoors at the Formula One car-racing grand prix. "I was quite cool with what Sharon said. I mean, part of it was that there was so much media attention for Kiss. "I honestly didn't know Ozzy was in town. Until Sharon delivered that soundbite, that is. That was the first I knew about it. 'He's a tw*t, he wears women's clothing,' whatever it was she said. "That's cool. It's edgy. I love that."