Kiss rocker Gene Simmons risked upsetting his fans when he included a version of Disney hit WHEN YOU WISH UPON A STAR on his first solo album - because the JIMINY CRICKET tune inspired him as a child. The bass player felt he should pay tribute to PINOCCHIO's pal as it was the little green, well-dressed bug that first made him realise he could do whatever he wanted to. Simmons tells rock magazine Revolver, "When Jiminy Cricket started singing When You Wish Upon a Star, honest to God, I thought he was talking to me. "What he said was, 'It doesn't matter who you are - your dreams can come true.' "Kiss fans hated me for putting that song on my solo album, but it was for Jiminy. I had to pay that little cricket back for instilling in me what religion couldn't do, what school couldn't do, what parents and teachers couldn't do. "It was a sense of belief in yourself. And, so help me God, when I sang that vocal, I cried like a 12-year-old because the words were true."