Kiss stars Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley are hoping to create a brand new sports anthem for their Arena Football League team L.A. Kiss.

The duo, who have heavily invested in the new sports franchise, unveiled the team's uniforms and cheerleaders at a launch in Anaheim, California on Monday (10Mar14), and singer Stanley revealed his latest venture had inspired a songwriting surge.

He says, "We are planning to come up with something that will be the battle cry; something that will represent not only the team, but will represent the fans. We want the fans to have a song, or a melody or a battle cry that they can participate in... We can’t win without those people."

The L.A. Kiss will play all home games at the Honda Center in Anaheim. The team will be coached by sports veteran Bob MCMillen.

Kiss are also planning to perform a special concert at the arena for fans of the team.