Kiss and Motley Crue on tour together; it's a leather jacket-clad poodle hairstyle metal lover's fantasy isn't it? Well it's just become reality as the two rock heavyweights have announced that they're to tour together later this year, in news that's sure to have cause a rise in air instrument playing-related injuries, and the group's main players all got together at a press conference to tell Rolling Stone exactly why fans should turn up.
"You will scream your head off until it's no longer on your shoulder and then you'll feel great. You'll be drenched, exhausted, and completely satisfied without ever having anyone touch your schmekel," enthused the ever quotable Gene Simmons. Crue drummer Tommy Lee meanwhile added that first-timers were "gonna be tripping, for somebody who hasn't seen either band. They're gonna be walking out of there flipped out. I would."<Nikki Sixx="" was="" a="" little="" more="" thoughtful="" on="" the="" tour="" saying="" i="" would="" like="" to="" see="" people="" take="" away="" from="" it="" is="" that="" if="" you="" actually="" practice="" your="" instrument="" and="" writing="" songs="" put="" hundred="" percent="" into="" show="" every="" aspect="" of="" clothes="" lyrics="" singers="" sing="" then="" this="" what="" happens="" have="" long="" career="" get="" go="" out="" do="" real="" deal="" adding.="" rock="" roll.="" however="" silly="" proclamations="" entertainment="" press="" were="" there="" for="" so="" fitting="" simmons="" last="" word="" exclaiming="" we="" blow="" shit="" up="" home="" f="" girlfriend="" it.="" quite.="" starts="" july="" in="" virginia.="">