Former Kiss star Ace Frehley has ruled out a reunion with the rock band - because he is too old to be "putting on makeup and jumping around" onstage.
The guitarist quit the group in 1983 - citing artistic differences for the split. He rejoined Kiss in 1996 for their reunion tour, but gave up his place again in 2001 to concentrate on his solo career.
And Frehley admits that although the rockers are about to embark on a forthcoming world tour later this year (08), he is not tempted to join them on the road.
He says, "I don't see it happening. I never say never, but I just turned 57. I don't see myself getting up onstage with tights on and putting on the makeup and jumping around like, you know, a kid again. Because I don't physically think I can do it.
"On the last reunion tour, I saw a couple of videos. I think we looked a little tired, you know? I think it's maybe better to put that segment of Kiss to sleep."