The son of singer Kirsty Maccoll has recalled the appalling moment he saw his mother killed by the propellers of a speed boat nearly five years ago (18DEC00).

Louis Maccoll, now 18, was diving with his FAIRYTALE OF NEW YORK hitmaker mother and brother JAMIE off the Mexican island of Cozumel when the tragedy struck.

He says, "I came to the surface first with mum next to me. Then she screamed 'look out' and tried to push us out the way. The boat was already over us - I could see the propellers.

"I was swimming in Mummy's blood. I heard Jamie shout, 'Where's mummy?' I screamed that she'd been hit and to swim the other way and not look back."

Deck hand Juan Jose Cen Yam, 26, was fined just $107 (GBP61) after being convicted of culpable homicide. The Mexican government recently agreed to re-open the case after a five-year battle for justice by the MacCOLL family.