Kirstie Alley is urging Lindsay Lohan to put the past behind her.

The 61-year-old former 'Cheers' star believes the actress - who has been in and out of rehab and jail since 2007 - has the talent to resurrect her career.

Lindsay insists she has won the battle with her demons and now wants to 'prove herself' - a move which Kirstie firmly supports.

She said: ''My encouragement [to Lindsay], if she's clean and that's the way she's living her life, [is] to just look at, just to observe the good things, and a lot of them are little things.

''Lindsay's very talented, she's a smart girl, I think she's a good girl. She had a lot of pressure on her from being a child actress and [the] transition [to adulthood] and she just needs to put that in her past and just move forward because she is talented, she could have a great career.''

Meanwhile, Kirstie is thankful that her own drug Battles were not as well publicised as those of Lindsay - who is planning to make a comeback with a hosting slot on this weekend's 'Saturday Night Live' show In America.

She told Access Hollywood: ''I was way into DRUGS when I was her age, and basically, if you don't die doing them, you just screw up your life sort of royally.

''I screwed up my life royally, thank God before I was in a public eye or I was an actor, but ... there is really no goodness from it. It doesn't do anything to further your career, it doesn't do anything to further your life.''