Slimmed-down actress Kirstie Alley has hit back at reports she's had her stomach stapled, insisting her weightloss is all down to the healthy diet plan she advertises on US TV.

The former CHEERS star fought to shed the weight when she ballooned to over 200 pounds (90.7 kilograms) last year (04) and decided to try the Jenny Craig Diet to win her battle.

And she was so impressed with the results she agreed to endorse the diet plan on national TV.

But new reports suggest Alley is a cheat, and she actually lost the weight by having stomach-stapling surgery, similar to that of Carnie Wilson and Sharon Osbourne.

Her lawyer BARRY FELSEN fumes, "It's an outright lie that she had her stomach stapled. It's so false it's preposterous."

And Alley's publicist ROB LEVY adds, "She can show she doesn't have the scars that this procedure leaves."