Kirsten Dunst, the 28-year-old American actress and star of the 'Spiderman' movies, says she recently took a road-trip with her father in order to prepare for her forthcoming role in the film 'On The Road', an adaptation of the classic novel by Jack Kerouac. The writer's legendary 'beatnik' tale about travelling across America is being turned into a Hollywood movie by director Walter Salles.
In an interview with, Dunst said she first read the book when she was 16-years-old but admitted that she recently revisited it while on a vacation with her father, she said, "Recently I listened to it on tape with my dad on a road trip we took together. My father's from Germany, so we hung out with family, then we went all over southern Germany". The actress went on to add, "We had some long drives through Bavaria, Munich, and we saw Neuschwanstein, this big castle where King Ludwig lived. We had fun. A good bonding father-daughter trip". The upcoming movie, set for release in 2011, stars British actor Sam Riley as 'Sal Paradise', a character based on Kerouac himself. Garrett Hedlund plays the role of Sal's adventurous friend Dean Moriarty and Viggo Mortensen also appears.
Dunst is currently starring in the film, 'All Good Things' about a working-class Long Islander who falls for a young man trying to escape the control of his malevolent father, played by Frank Langella.