Kirsten Dunst relies on her fiancé for the most honest criticism of her work.

The 35-year-old actress is engaged to fellow 'Fargo' actor Jesse Plemons and she always canvases her family and friends for their opinions on her movies and TV shows.

Kirsten admits her mother Inez Dunst finds it hard to separate her daughter from her big screen characters so she always goes to Jesse for a balanced appraisal.

In an interview with Prestige Hong Kong magazine, she said: ''My mom does not love everything I do! It's not that she doesn't love it ... but it's too personal for her. She can't disassociate between her daughter and the actress on screen. I have a few good critics. I never do a movie that everyone will like. My brother will like one, my mom liked another. To me, I guess my fiancé is the most neutral, I'd trust his opinion the most ... In the past, the reviews were hard. When you work on something for long, when I was younger, I'd take criticism to heart. Now with experience and the maturity, I'm not letting that bother me.''

Kirsten began her career at the tender age of three, appearing in a series of television commercials before making her debut film appearance in Woody Allen's short 'Oedipus Wrecks' when she was six.

Her major breakthrough on the big screen came at the age of 12 when she appeared as child blood-sucker Claudia in 'Interview with the Vampire' opposite Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt in 1994.

Unlike many child stars Kirsten has managed to avoid the many pitfalls associated with fame and she believes she has been able to do so because she's kept a strong connection to her life before Hollywood.

She said: ''I always went to a normal school. I've had the same best friend since sixth grade and I wasn't really into the party scene. In fact, I was never in the scene ... I was like in the valley of LA, which is much more, suburbia central. My mum made sure that I had normal friends.''

Kirsten and Jesse - who met in 2015 on the set of season two of 'Fargo' - are currently planning their wedding and although they won't reveal a date they do have a ''time frame''.